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Men's Health

Daly Man addresses all regenerative facial aesthetic, lifestyle and sexual health concerns for men of all ages.
Treatment options include comprehensive consultation and investigations alongside cutting edge, safe and highly effective regenerative medicine treatments.
Man at Work


For most of the conditions that we are treating, lifestyle plays a very important role. In fact, common risk factors for conditions such as Erectile Dysfunction, penis size, length and shape, Peyronie’s, and Hypogonadism include:


  • Poor diet

  • Smoking

  • Sedentary lifestyle

  • Excessive drinking

  • Stress

  • Recreational drug taking

Improving your lifestyle will not only prevent these ailments from developing in the first place, but can in many cases reverse or improve the damage caused already.


All men visiting our clinic are consulted extensively and on the outcome are given bespoke treatment plans and advice.

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