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Who we are

We’re a team of doctors, GPs, molecular biologists and researchers. And we’ve also experienced first-hand what it’s like to lack confidence in how we look and feel, but unsure of which treatments are reliable, safe and effective.


We’ve come together to provide cutting-edge solutions for hair loss management, sexual health and facial aesthetics - safely and effectively - through our extensive molecular biology research and leading technology. 


We proudly offer regenerative medicine treatments in this pioneering and innovative area of advanced medical technology. 

Meet just some of the team

Daly Hair-17.jpg


GP, Daly Medical Group Founder & Clinical Director, Regenerative Medicine, Lifestyle & AGA Hair Loss Specialist

MRCGP, MBBS, BSc (Mol Bio)

GMC Reference Number 6122794.


Dr Stuart Daly qualified as a doctor in 2005 at St George’s Medical School in London, and then became a registered GP with the Royal College of General Practitioners. Before discovering his love for medicine, he achieved a first-class honours degree from King’s College London in molecular biology. It is these combined passions that led Dr Daly into the field of Regenerative Aesthetic/Lifestyle Medicine, and in 2012 completed advanced training with some of the best medical aestheticians, hair restoration surgeons and men’s and women's health optimisation experts in the world.


Dr Daly’s background in the sciences has fuelled his interest in stem cell and a variety of Regenerative Medicine technologies, and enables him to provide appropriate, tailored, and cutting-edge regenerative hair and aesthetic management options, alongside optimising lifestyle, sexual health and rejuvenation options for patients. This ranges from carefully tailored medicines treatments through to Platelet Rich Plasma injections and even more advanced technologies where appropriate.

“My aim for every single patient that I consult is to deliver the most ethical, optimised, and effective plan underpinned by evidence and education, so that you can live your most confident life.”


Dr Gordon Daly

CSO (Chief Scientific Officer)

phD Molecular Biology, BSc Molecular Biology

Brother of Dr Stuart Daly, Dr Gordon Daly too brings his deep understanding of molecular biology to the exciting field of regenerative medicine, continually evaluating present and future technologies from the core research perspective.


Hanna Dreja

Assistant Scientific Officer

As Assistant Scientific Advisor to the Daly Medical Group, Hanna brings an abundance of experience to the team having previously completed a PhD in Molecular Biology at Imperial College London, as well as having been Senior Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Cambridge.


Russ Greatbatch

Head of Commercial Development

Russ bring his experience of leading large teams and startups alike to ensure that Daly Medical Group remains at the forefront of regenerative medicine.

Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 15.22.54.png

James Austin

Customer Support Lead 

James has a wealth of innovation experience, having worked in corporate management for a number of years. In 2019, James brought his expertise in people management and customer service to the medical world - ensuring customer care at Daly Medical Group is at the heart of all we do.


Zoe Goffin

Customer Support Manager

Whether booking a consult, buying product or a general enquiry, Zoe has an in-depth knowledge of Daly Medical Group and is here to seamlessly and safely facilitate all patient journeys.

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